I am unbridled and raw somewhere under my skins. So many masks fashioned in requisite moments when lovelessness came with the threat of death,because no one can survive alone, and even hermits have the creatures and the trees. Underneath my skins, I am untempered and wild.   I can draw out your fears for feeding … More Container

Panther Heart

I don’t want to fight anymore. I’ve grown depleted from the push.I used to be a tiger, tenacious and hungry for the hunt, chasing shadows down until answers were found.Running after the Mystery like my survival depended upon that meal.I thought I was learning to be still like a lotus after the bloom, finding purpose … More Panther Heart

A Greater Heart

I. It’s easy to have no regrets when you never look back. Avoiding photographs and sunshine. Keeping the albums closed. One lives for the future instead of the past. Always seeking to forsake the now, But accidents happen and the dusty old box is found in the attic of forgetting, right where Pandora left it, … More A Greater Heart