Something to Lose

I used to be called fearless for the risks I would take without hesitation. Huge leaps of faith across country lines and cultural divides. Deep into jungles and high upon mountains. Far out in the ocean swimming with dolphins: never pausing to think of the sharks nearby. No concern with dying, for I had nothing … More Something to Lose

Free Bird

There is an undertow pulling at the soul housed in my ethereal body too translucent to hold on. Is she mine, that soul?  Or was she simply catching a ride?  A stow-away who looked so much like me I never noticed she was there? Dusk and blue like bruises.  Or pink and rose like love.  … More Free Bird

Light on the Water

The world became a little less bright that day. A degree of light went away, mostly imperceptible to the naked eye. Mornings in Spring gained a haze. The sun wept to lose your smile and serenity in his radiance. How you loved to bath in it. It took a few days for his tears to … More Light on the Water