Hunger Pain

Oh, the hunger That never leavesBut only sleeps In the depths of me,Comfortable in complacency. The trappings of safety Are the walls of peace, Chosen unknowingly in exchangeFor Passion asleep.Is it really peace at all When the heart is heaving,Crying, and eventually silent,Dying of thirst?Some say love of self Is enough.  And some say it is … More Hunger Pain

The Weaver

I am careful, so careful, deliberate in every moment. I am instinct dancing, seemingly in the air, hanging by a thread. My actions are encoded in the finest hidden particles of my form, conducting my every delicate movement. My limbs shine in the sun as I dance my creation into being to nourish me, and … More The Weaver

Dear Doulas

Sometimes the jolts of pain in my guts feel like flashes of dying. Mortality and I are very close. I won’t say we’re friends but we respect each other. We know the power each of us has and the potential cost of playing. Lightning bolts in my capillaries and thunder in my soft tissues; A … More Dear Doulas