Cosmic Sailor

You are an entire universe And so is your vision. You live in the expanse Of the cosmos and more, The place from which All was born. The demands others make Are like imposed funnels For tunnels you cannot Begin to fit through. Sometimes you try And it hurts Like the foot binding Of a … More Cosmic Sailor

The Spark

You were red-violet fire in your heart sending embers through the ethers to call me towards you. I was blue-green ocean in my soul in love with the sun for warming my surfaces until you took its place. Can the sea be a fool to let herself be consumed? Does she even have a choice? … More The Spark

The Weaver

I am careful, so careful, deliberate in every moment. I am instinct dancing, seemingly in the air, hanging by a thread. My actions are encoded in the finest hidden particles of my form, conducting my every delicate movement. My limbs shine in the sun as I dance my creation into being to nourish me, and … More The Weaver

Queen of Lines

I approach the food bin next to the one she is pulling from and wait. Her head moves slowly to turn and look at me as if I am laying audacious claim to her territory and resources. Standing there with several inches between us the smell of entitlement is stronger than the smell of bacon. … More Queen of Lines

The Upside Down

Welcome to The Flipside, to The Upside Down. Here, everything is as it should be. Here, we live inside dark clouds. There is no sun in here, no days full of light. Here the shadows are more than echoes of a past we try to fight. Here there is no floor firm under your feet. … More The Upside Down