If I close my eyes this moment, I could probably sleep forever.   Skin on blush satin and bones on feathers.   A black velvet blind-fold so light never returns.  A tepid tomb for a womb of rest. Body at peace, my spirit could wander to other realms less dense than gravity tethering me so … More Stardust

The Weaver

I am careful, so careful, deliberate in every moment. I am instinct dancing, seemingly in the air, hanging by a thread. My actions are encoded in the finest hidden particles of my form, conducting my every delicate movement. My limbs shine in the sun as I dance my creation into being to nourish me, and … More The Weaver


I. Being shocked to the core of me, my veins feel hollow – space conducting electricty, fleshless, ungrounded. The sounds whirl and collapse in my head, like a circle of dominos folding under water. My hands suffer, unstable. Words fail, distant. I am taken away from myself, whittled down by ruthless invadors. They won’t stop … More Alien