The Sacrifice

These times of growing pains and spastic muscles under reigns. Limbs that struggle to be free. The chafing on skin releasing little red gems for the rockhounds. The constant sniffing of hunting beasts, expert at sussing out weakness. The teeth that pierce soft exposed parts and drag the prize into the cave of reaping. The … More The Sacrifice

The Spark

You were red-violet fire in your heart sending embers through the ethers to call me towards you. I was blue-green ocean in my soul in love with the sun for warming my surfaces until you took its place. Can the sea be a fool to let herself be consumed? Does she even have a choice? … More The Spark

New Blood

I. I fell in love with monsters and now they won’t leave me alone. I have banished them from my mind and heart, Even thought I cloaked myself to be hidden well, Changed the way I move smell, my chemistry, my mark… Cut off all my hair. Cleaned up all the footprints giving away my … More New Blood

Scorpio Moon

Skulls in the garden instead of faces. Mermaids scream quietly instead of sing, dying in the desert sun. Faeries flicker in and out, unsure of baring the weight of this world, and afraid of being chained to the ground like the rest of us. Violet skies threaten grey invasion robbing colors from our eyes so … More Scorpio Moon

The Weaver

I am careful, so careful, deliberate in every moment. I am instinct dancing, seemingly in the air, hanging by a thread. My actions are encoded in the finest hidden particles of my form, conducting my every delicate movement. My limbs shine in the sun as I dance my creation into being to nourish me, and … More The Weaver

Queen of Lines

I approach the food bin next to the one she is pulling from and wait. Her head moves slowly to turn and look at me as if I am laying audacious claim to her territory and resources. Standing there with several inches between us the smell of entitlement is stronger than the smell of bacon. … More Queen of Lines

The Seeker

Don’t mind me, I’m just surrendering being broken calling back all the fragments of me throughout space and time, all the pieces that got lost somewhere, stuck in shock, orphans in stasis, hungry for a mother in perpetual wonder of where they belong. I felt their search for millenia and even made it part of … More The Seeker

To Be Torn Open

In the wreckage of my heart can I open anyway? In the disaster land of the aftermath of choices can I open anyway? In the rubble of decimated villages ravaged tribes pillaged body can I open anyway? Lying on the ground bleeding from takers conquering can I open anyway? Can I open to be torn … More To Be Torn Open

For Those in Cages

I feel like a violator, an impostor here with my pale skin and privilege resting on stolen land. Adobe houses speckle the ground, as novelties for comfort and class. Red for the blood they cost to build, and orange for the dust of ancestor’s passions. Yellow for the sun, respect and reverence we can never … More For Those in Cages