Queen of Lines

I approach the food bin next to the one she is pulling from and wait. Her head moves slowly to turn and look at me as if I am laying audacious claim to her territory and resources. Standing there with several inches between us the smell of entitlement is stronger than the smell of bacon. … More Queen of Lines

For Those in Cages

I feel like a violator, an impostor here with my pale skin and privilege resting on stolen land. Adobe houses speckle the ground, as novelties for comfort and class. Red for the blood they cost to build, and orange for the dust of ancestor’s passions. Yellow for the sun, respect and reverence we can never … More For Those in Cages

On Confronting Beauty’s Shadow: Another Acrostic Challenge

This is my second acrostic, in poem form, first letter of each line to spell the word. The word was given to me, and I found it stirring up deeper, more conflicted material with straggling pieces still in need of healing. I wrote this about the experience of being injured by an emotional abuser who used … More On Confronting Beauty’s Shadow: Another Acrostic Challenge