Panther Heart

I don’t want to fight anymore. I’ve grown depleted from the push.I used to be a tiger, tenacious and hungry for the hunt, chasing shadows down until answers were found.Running after the Mystery like my survival depended upon that meal.I thought I was learning to be still like a lotus after the bloom, finding purpose … More Panther Heart

The Weaver

I am careful, so careful, deliberate in every moment. I am instinct dancing, seemingly in the air, hanging by a thread. My actions are encoded in the finest hidden particles of my form, conducting my every delicate movement. My limbs shine in the sun as I dance my creation into being to nourish me, and … More The Weaver

The Seeker

Don’t mind me, I’m just surrendering being broken calling back all the fragments of me throughout space and time, all the pieces that got lost somewhere, stuck in shock, orphans in stasis, hungry for a mother in perpetual wonder of where they belong. I felt their search for millenia and even made it part of … More The Seeker

Dying to See

Vultures pick the wounds clean. Clarity comes through whispering trees. I am still, and listening. Copyright © 2018, Sheyorah Aossi Art: Stillness by Joyce Huntington.