Slow Thaw

This hot searing pain in my chest. The contrast of frozen heart against human heat. The unchanging past trying to exist in the fluidity of now. Statues will fall in the current of a river if given enough time. Isn’t it violent to put a flame under ice? Why not let fire be fire without … More Slow Thaw

Breath of Life

There is so much contained in an exhale. Whispers and secrets, and wishes on the wind searching for the spokes of a dandelion to ride. Wisps of truth born to traverse the sky, to find a place to land and take root in soil or the sea, or in panoramic eyes and hearts. Songs form … More Breath of Life

Solar Rival

If you are not afraid, my love, then I am happy for you. If your legs are strong to keep you standing in the fire, the storm, in the shifting currents of dark water, then would you hold my trembling cup? My hands are shaking too much to keep the medicine from spilling and I … More Solar Rival

The Garden

What Heaven waits patiently inside the seed on its journey towards the heart growing wings in my chest, protected by the sacred flame of my love for you. And when the seed passes through those gates, my spirit answers, a cosmic wisp to usher it to the egg of my core. And when the seed … More The Garden


Lavender clouds of plasma laced with stars in lilac and blue as I swim inside of you. Your every breath a gift of infusion; your love, your core, radiant as a river of sunlight pouring over purple mountains in the early morning, giving life to all that sleeps. How long did I sleep, Lover? Dreaming … More Illuminance

Seven Waves

Tiny electric drops of wet prickling heat on skin. A hum of power in the current of our blood. Strength in your hands and claiming in your heart, you brace me for impending waves. One, a surprise wave of passion surges. Your breath on my neck. Two, a wave of Spirit begins the weaving of … More Seven Waves

Beacon Heart

Running from wounded shadows into someone’s arms for safety doesn’t work when no one knows how to hold you.  Strong arms are really soft lead that weares away with pressure and makes a mark. You want to write your law on my heart, but Spirit has already done that with the Law of Love.  I’m … More Beacon Heart

Little Bird

The Audacity of a man is a fire in the forest. It can keep you warm, light the night, burn down habitats. I was a little bird, cold in a tree, who forgot to fly south for Winter. Shiver and shake I did, remnants of ice on my tiny wings. I saw a light in … More Little Bird

Sweet Temperance

The primordial thirst. Where is my fountain?  Where is my wellspring? The yearning for love to find all the dark places in hiding, and let the light in. To be held shaking and crying. To be naked and small in your arms. To be a tiny broken thing.Why the yearning to be touched there if … More Sweet Temperance