Light on the Water

The world became a little less bright that day. A degree of light went away, mostly imperceptible to the naked eye. Mornings in Spring gained a haze. The sun wept to lose your smile and serenity in his radiance. How you loved to bath in it. It took a few days for his tears to … More Light on the Water

Tame Your Rabbit

I am an avalanche in need of containment. A horse in need of harnessing to truly run free. A wild bunny, frightened and feral, eating all the flowers and wrecking the yard. I run out of food. What good is a dam if it doesn’t direct the river to slow for the beaver’s pond? What … More Tame Your Rabbit

Spring Harvest

Keep me soft, Darlingwith the rapture of your force.Let me be a flower bud,a water lily openingfor your reaping.Pluck me eagerlyand ravage my scent.Crush me into perfume,an aphrodisiac spellto make you wildand full with the moon.Surge like the wavesof a restless seaand pull me like the currentof passion’s undertow.Pound me into smooth rocksand crack open … More Spring Harvest

Floral Heart

This fractured heart is a bane to the sweetness of new love. How can it mend if I can’t let him in? How do I allow him in my shattered spaces, stepping on glass and cutting his hands?How do I stop internal bleeding? Boundaries breached. Blood where it doesn’t belong, robbing my heart of the … More Floral Heart

Brave Morphling

A hot whip lashes my chest like a demon’s attempt to break my ethereal heart. The gates are closed, but the mark is left on the pearl and I can’t get it off. Perfection is a lie we tell ourselves in order to aspire, because that’s what we’re taught: always reach, always strive. But life … More Brave Morphling

Slow Thaw

This hot searing pain in my chest. The contrast of frozen heart against human heat. The unchanging past trying to exist in the fluidity of now. Statues will fall in the current of a river if given enough time. Isn’t it violent to put a flame under ice? Why not let fire be fire without … More Slow Thaw

Breath of Life

There is so much contained in an exhale. Whispers and secrets, and wishes on the wind searching for the spokes of a dandelion to ride. Wisps of truth born to traverse the sky, to find a place to land and take root in soil or the sea, or in panoramic eyes and hearts. Songs form … More Breath of Life

Solar Rival

If you are not afraid, my love, then I am happy for you. If your legs are strong to keep you standing in the fire, the storm, in the shifting currents of dark water, then would you hold my trembling cup? My hands are shaking too much to keep the medicine from spilling and I … More Solar Rival