About this Page:

Here is where a living, breathing, personal perspective is shared through poetry and essays, and varying experiments in-between, perhaps. Maybe a song, sometimes.

This content will likely be:

I have traveled many places in the world and sat with some amazing teachers, and have been led on quite a profound journey of transformation in my own life, repeatedly if I’m being honest. One thing I’ve thoroughly verified is that I’m an artist at the core. And art is like a conversation – it requires participation to be what it is, so it means the world to me that you are here.

I cannot promise all of my content will be easy to read. I will always place Trigger Warnings at the beginning of posts when called for, however. And I will also try to remember to place “Adult Content” markers at the beginning when called for as well.

About Me:

I wrote my first poem at age 8, and my first story at age 3.  When I was an infant, I liked paper better than toys.

My dad always told me I was an Author. I didn’t know what that meant when he first said it. Apparently it’s about how one sees the world. And it’s also about one’s habit of writing all the time. And I really do write all the time. If I don’t, things don’t work right; I don’t work right. I think this is the function of purpose.

Writing is more than a catharsis, or the way I process experiences, though I’m sure that’s how many of us began. It is a soul-language, like music. Poetry is, for me, a primary language.

I am currently working on a Trilogy: a Fantasy series that is both fantastical and real in many ways.  When I am not working on the book(s), I’m often found writing something else that sometimes finds its way here to be shared with you.

A Note on Music:

There were no music lessons growing up, but I’ve been singing since I was 5, and I taught myself piano by ear at age 15 when I moved in with my grandma and her baby grand. I wrote my first song a year later.  My grandma loved it.  I kept doing it.

A car wreck took away my words and music for a while, but I got them back. I hope to find the time and courage to share some songs with you here, too.

About the Images:

I make an effort to find resonant images to accompany my posts, and to credit their creators wherever possible, either linking to their online presence, or including a note about the works.

* If you are an artist or curator and have an issue or correction regarding content I’ve used, please send me a message and I will address it immediately.*

If you are a visual artist or photographer and you would enjoy me writing a piece featuring your work, please also let me know!

A Note to Readers:

Thank you so much for taking the time to be here with me, even if for only a few minutes of your precious day.  It is my privilege to borrow your eyes and sometimes your ears for however many moments you spend here.


P.S. About Unicorns:

Here is an interesting article about The Unicorn Tapestries, and here is a note on Scottish Celtic Unicorn Symbolism.

And I think these unicorns are kind of rock and roll:
Louise Green Unicorns 3Semail
Image: “Unicorns” Abstract painting by Louise Green

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