What Waits in the Dark

There is a universe 
inside my chest 
turning into a black whole 
instead of being born. 

It wants so badly to live 
but the ruler of my cosmos 
is Death 
and disintegration 
is the way of things here. 

So instead of watching 
the light show 
of beautiful dreams 
coming into being, 
I watch the darkness play 
with all the colors 
of my worlds 
it eats them alive. 

A universe cries a symphony 
on its way to oblivion, 
and the silence grows 
with the impending abyss 
until all there is to do 
is remember. 

Every hope 
is born of stillness 
if you trace it back 
far enough. 
And wonder is borne 
of The Mystery 
always waiting 
in the dark. 

And so, I let go, 
and I am not afraid. 

©️ 2023, Sheya Forest
Cracked Open by Holgajen on Etsy.

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