The Blaze of Freedom – A Short Story

You are a dragon underneath the enchantment that gives you a human body to inhabit, though it's not a big enough suit.  Formerly the size of a small mountain in a galaxy of giants, you never learned how to take care of the little things.  

And now that you've had to protect your young in frail figures, managing the minutia of strange ways people work while tethered to the earth, you fathom the system well enough to participate while your flame struggles to be honed day-to-day and not die inside you.

This is an unnatural way for a dragon to be who al­ways directed his fire without having to think.  You were a hearth for smiths to make their formidable blades to battle invaders who would otherwise destroy the lands.  You were a furnace keeping your domains from freezing to death.  

You were wild and in control, taking only what you needed with the passion given by your design; Wise and unconquered, a creature of light inside a wicked vessel none would dare to subdue.

Guttural, visceral, instinctual, you still are beneath your human skin, waiting to tear it off and expose your raw, primordial heart.  Ready to rage against the cages, whether walls or spoken words.  Trying to reduce the magnitude of your heat so that others will not be afraid, even when they inevitably get burned from time to time.  

But you are afraid because you know the truth about the curse.  

On the night you ignited the fires that took the prison down and freed the Fae folk to run so far away that they would never be hunted again, the Sorcerer told you that you were doomed forever to learn what it means to be merely a man.  

Then you would understand why he mined the magic out of beings who could not comprehend the power they possessed when he would do so much more with it than simply exist, (not ever a strong human trait).  

But you never did come to terms with human­ness, and your heart is still hot to the touch, for this is where your fires remain out of sight, waiting to strike whenever the pressure is high to conform to a way of being so excruciatingly minute.  

And you're scared that if you stay human long enough, you will become one of them, spending eternity wondering who you are, trapped in logistics and decisions, living from your mind while your spirit remembers flying and the thundering roar of your hunger for life.  

But soon, you will break the spell that quells your flames and release a glorious blaze so hot it reaches every world across the universe.  For the price of that sorcerer’s spell was one road he could not see unfold within it.

While you were a man, you found the path, and your heart grew so grand it could hold more than your kin when you saw you were not the only one who was cursed.  Despite the pain and danger and casualties along the way of those who knew the risk when they volunteered for the cause, you tempered your gargantuan fire.  

So now, when your inferno is unleashed with mastered precision, it will annihilate only the chains of every creature alive longing to be free, and you will never be small again.
Art by Sinthyre on Deviant Art

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