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A High Degree of Shining

I'm lit up on the inside, 
and there is no turning it off.
You can see it in my eyes.

Fires are the hottest in their center, 
and they don't expire quickly
when there is so much yet to burn.

I can’t help but notice  
what a man throws away 
and grow towards every dead thing 
he keeps at bay.

I don't discern between treasure 
and trash 
because living is subjective, 
and dead things always catch.

A jewel is only what a person decides 
has a high enough degree of shine.

Don't be fooled by my greying surfaces.  
I'm a dazzling gemstone 
underneath these ashes, 
here to disperse my firelight 
onto every darkness you try to hide. 

This is why my gaze is always ablaze, 
and I see everything in levels of light.
I am afflicted to discover every fine detail 
of the caverns I must fill.

You throw your shadows like grenades 
in hopes of destroying the enemy, 
but the enemy looks a lot like you 
because everyone looks the same 
in an explosion.

The cost is high for anyone 
who accidentally comes into contact 
with your wounds,
but I am here on purpose 
and I can take your bombs.

The iron stones you throw are fragile 
when the heat is high.
My fire is precise and as hot 
as it needs to be. 

You can only cause me injury 
by keeping me contained.

Don't you want me to dissolve the trap
keeping you small and dejected?
Haven’t you been praying for help 
to unleash your ignition again?
Your desire gives birth to my flames. 
I am here answering your call.

My agony tears illusions apart 
for the revelation of perfect light, 
if you can only release the loveless nights 
you think you must keep somewhere safe 
in your heart as if no one can see. 

But I see.
Please remember you asked for me. 

Let go of the denial 
holding your dreams heavy in captivity, 
and let us burn together. 

It is true; there will be anguish and despair.
The pain will swell so big, it will consume 
all we know until there is nothing left 
to burn. 

That is when our suffering is complete,
and it’s time to begin again.

What will you be when you are free 
from the binds that kept you concealed?

What will I be when I am finished arising 
from the human demand for Alchemy?   
When the fire dies down at last 
and all that remains of me 
is the glorious gleam of a star 
that was only earthbound for a spell?

What spell will you cast now 
that your celestial sheen is revealed?  
When you are shining so bright, 
even stars don't know 
you were ever less than light? 


Copyright © 2022, Sheya Forest
Art: 3D Phoenix by Chi on Etsy

2 responses to “A High Degree of Shining”

  1. Really resonates within me at this moment in time, Sheya! Thank you, wise woman.


    Kathleen Quinn 707.696.4321

    Thoughts become things. Choose the good ones.


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    1. Thank you so much, this means a lot from you!


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