The Nature of a Shift

Things always change 
the moment I make peace with what is.  

I contemplate until I reach the essence 
in the foundations of existence.  
What a journey it is, 
to be a traveler, never in one place 
for long enough to get comfortable. 

Such is the nature of a shift.  
I stretch so far beyond myself so often, 
I forget how to keep a shape. 

My body is no longer my home, 
for I am taking the form of the universe now.  
No small spaces for stasis anymore, 
just there to pass over and through. 

I was with dark waters in the beginning, 
as the Breath of Life before She said yes 
to manifesting.  The ripe pause 
while reality watched.  

The culmination of every mistake ever made, 
and the pinnacle of choice and possibility.

And Life is constantly changing her mind 
so I can't get a handle on her vision.  
Or it's only because I have no hands, 
only a voice.

I become thin air, 
transcending the shape of mankind 
after the despair, but not before.  

It's quite a thing to feel 
every breaking moment in my flesh 
with startling awareness.  

But this exquisite suffering makes me 
so much more than a wish.  
More than a whisper in your mind.  
More than a sign of longing 
when a deity only wants to be loved 
in return.

I become real with everything I feel. 

And someday, I will blow all the pain 
of the living away- even mine 
because the wind doesn't have skin, 
bones, nerves, or eyes.

And when Life finally makes up her mind, 
I will be the song of creation itself.  
And you and I will dance with deliverance 
on forever’s horizon.

Until then, I bend and stretch and reach 
until my sheath has no choice but to crack
and my body breaks, my heart bleeds out, 
and my soul is overjoyed by the freedom 
of joining The Mystery once more.

Thus says the Once and Future Wind: 
Thank you, Life.  I love you, my friend.
Make a wish, sing it out, 
and there I will be again.

Copyright © 2022, Sheya Forest

Art: Winds of Change, Acrylic on Canvas by Araya Zale

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