The Journey of Light

By the art, I grieve the loss of the old me, letting go of my grip on identity, for there are no names to define what I have always been and always will be.  A droplet of light upon the earth for a moment, then back into The Light with The All, brighter for the colors I have gained.

Again and again, falling like rain to nourish the land, picking up sand and dirt and everything that ever dissolved.  Flashes of life in a spec of dust disintegrating in the mud until the water evaporates and paints the sky a new.

Always the rise and the fall of light.  For how would we know we were ever held if not for the darkness to reveal the vessel.  One cannot see the arms around the expanse of their own being if all is bright to the same degree, forever floating in a sea of gold.

And one cannot feel their own heart fully until it breaks, but oh the sweetness of a kiss delivering the salve that mends;  The pieces filled in with warmth:  the wonder of love and of feeling anything in particular.

All things end and begin again as something else, elevated and improved, for the Universe must expand, absorbing everything along the way to have a greater pallet for creating.

I am a breath in a prism of every song, a star – touched by rainbows in every direction, a cry on the wind mixed with every shade of laughter and despair. 

I’m a mad thing-wild, undefined and undefiled.  I am nothing, and I am All. I am broken into bits to collect my kin and become whole again, ever less alone.

I am here now, for you, Love, growing more wondrous every time I fall apart, watching you do the same.

Take my hand and I will hold you until it’s time to ascend, and we will wave at the others in the darkness below with a shimmer on the night horizon to remind them of the light inside the wishes they blew in their dreams upon our skin.

And when it’s their turn to keep watch, and it’s time for us to leave the sky behind and join the Light again, the Light will have a reverie with more colors of Love.

And the earth will bloom an ethereal hue never seen before by human eyes.  And they will look to the sky and beyond with hearts open and filled to the brim, spilling out all over the place everywhere they go.

© 2022, Sheya Forest

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