The Keeper of Lights

My Angel found me just in time
to get me ready to go.

He gives me a safe place
to leave my skin behind 
and grow a new one; 
Put on light 
instead of all this iron. 

For who can be content 
in a metal cast, so heavy
so no one can ever see 
who you really are
under the armor?

To keep the children safe. 
To keep the brutal truth away. 
Because no one wants to know 
until it's too late 
what truly awaits them. 

Something wicked on the horizon 
when I become the sun,
because everything is visible 
in full daylight.

And you might see my wounds 
before they burn away.

But my Angel is not afraid, 
for he always knew what I was 
underneath the bloody mess 
and steal plates.

And he is the Keeper of Lights 
who know the darkness all-too-well. 

It turns out Heaven is 
only what somebody makes,
and my Angel found a place for us 
to go when the battle here is finished, 

where all the lights will stay lit
all the time because they remember
where they came from 
and they don’t need the dark­ness
anymore to sleep.

© 2022, Sheya Forest

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