The Speed of Light

Time is truly zooming by like it can travel at the speed of light and was just holding out on us. 

Like Time was waiting to see if we’d believe it, and cracked up laughing when we did.

We thought we had more than enough time to squander on things that don’t make our hearts sing. 

Gathering treasure to divide with kings, mining mountains for gems, sifting rivers for gold,

to be the first with the most or the one to name something new to our hungry eyes.

Climbing on the backs of labor to reach the stars, just to capture them and sell the light when the world gets too dark.

Becoming someone.  A name recorded in the history books. Legacies that will burn with the forests,

or be swallowed by the sea, or broken apart by living soil and made into food for green leafy beings who know what harmony means.

Our hands grasp at the material trying to hold on like it’s the fabric of life.

The trick of urgency works because we don’t think clearly in a state of emergency sparked by the illusion of scarcity.

But I want to pause here with you and breathe while the air is clean for a moment, right after the storm. 

I want to watch Time fly by trying to mimic light, because all things want to evolve, to become better than they are.

And after a while, when I’m ready to let go of all I have and all I know, I’ll reach for the tail of the kite of time,

and fly with him as if I am the light, too. Before you know it, Time will vanish, and everyone will wonder where we went,

because they want us to see how much brighter the world suddenly became.

Copyright © 2021, S. Naify

Art: In the Light of Each Other by Jaison Cianelli.

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