The Truth About Time

This linear unfolding isn’t even for the birds 
cause I’m pretty sure they know the truth about time. 
They fly secret patterns only seen by their own kind, 
and unlock the scrim with reality flowing behind it. 

They let out the currents of the true wind 
before they close it up again.
So they can fly in skies 
that trick the eye of the passerby
But a dreamer's mind never lies 
patiently wait­ing to be shown something true, 
for their heart is restless with curious clues. 

And curious beings cannot keep 
from looking behind the screen, 
unlocking the glorious machine 
to turn it off so the birds can sing 
and we can hear. 
It interrupts the trains our thoughts 
are taught to ride in fear.

The truth winds come and lay new tracks
out of the past towards the open skies 
full of possibility and spectral lights 
for those with the courage to rise.

The birds open our sleepy eyes, 
reminding us of wonder when 
we take a moment to look up. 
And when we're told to get our heads 
out of the clouds, we can say 
we dream for the sake of love. 

And no one wants to argue with that 
because everyone knows that's the stuff 
we all came for.
And if we love enough, 
maybe a true wind will lift us, 
so 'we can open the door 
of time ourselves, 

for love is the only 
magic spell 
to reveal the passage 
waiting in our dreams. 

And if you ask a dreamer 
the secret to transcendence, 
they’ll tell you it helps
to have wings.

Copyright © 2021, S. Naify
Art: The Veil of Night by Serena Maylon.

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