The Missing Melody

Sometimes life feels wrong in every way.

Discouragement and dwindling hope are like pieces that are too big for the puzzle,

so they just take up space with no consideration to the garish view.

And those clunky jagged things become the sun and sky.

Meanwhile so many of us are in the same boat that the boat is sinking, and the water is infected.

We try to shovel it out but our hands aren't big enough to make a cup.

Even if we put our many hands together, there are too many spaces between us,

and our fin­gers aren't clay to shape or steel to melt and mold.

And will somebody sing a song already?

You know, the one we all recognize by the moisture in our eyes.

The only clean water now is now blood, and we’d be refreshed if we could only touch.

But these days that costs too much.

And I miss your smile. The world isn't the same without it.

So we need that song we can all sing together to recall that all of our hearts are still beating.

Even if we all drown, love can live forever in sound.

And water remembers, so maybe someday she will rise and wash that puzzle right out of the sky.

And maybe she will hold the song and call us up from the deep, and carry us to land.

Maybe then we can walk together, hand in hand, and heart to heart, and begin again.

And life will finally make perfect sense.

Copyright © S. Naify
Art: Water Music by Max Reger.

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