How to Spot an Angel

Angels are the ones who see you with a sparkle in their eyes and a little extra wide smile.

The ones who make just the right jokes to take tons of bricks off your chest. 

The ones who sometimes know what you need before you say it, giving you rememb­rance of humanity's unity. 

And when they miss the mark, they receive the gift of growth and rise to meet it without judgement.

When they rise, their wings cast a shade over you to soften harsh days in vivid light. 

And when they reach out their hands to pull you out of the
mud, they remind you 

that your hands were always made to shape the clay of your own heart.

And sometimes one must get their hands dirty to make beauty and live fully.

While you’re flying in their arms, you are held as equal, for the giver always receives. 

You are never less than a miracle in their eyes, because they know what it's like to fall and learn to stand again.

Angels know love when they see it and cannot help but make it grow  

with the rain of recognition and the sunshine of their kindness. 

In the moments you feel them seeing your core and the essence of the world in a mere glance or the tone of a word, 

or the unique silence of resonance when souls perceive what words never speak.

And when they treat you as a treasure in the subtlest of ways, they reveal the jewel of their spirit, 

and you get better at identifying precious gems and putting them back where they belong. 

For gems shine to be seen, too. 

Not locked behind glass for the elite class of collectors, 

but moving freely on the earth to ornament the land, sea, and sky with their love for the world.

Copyright © Sheyorah Naify, 2021

Author’s Note: This piece was written in gratitude for the all-star Neurosurgical team of Dr. Bolognese in Oceanside, New York, who took amazing care of me on the 5th of May and helped me get an important answer to a critical question about my health and the future of my well-being.

Art by the planet Mars

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