Spring Harvest

Keep me soft, Darling
with the rapture of your force.
Let me be a flower bud,
a water lily opening
for your reaping.

Pluck me eagerly
and ravage my scent.
Crush me into perfume,
an aphrodisiac spell
to make you wild
and full with the moon.

Surge like the waves
of a restless sea
and pull me like the current
of passion’s undertow.

Pound me into smooth rocks
and crack open my shells
to release the pearls
of my surrender.

I shall be the surface
of the ocean rippling
in the ecstasy of you
gliding upon me
like water dancers when
they unleash the tide.

Copyright © 2021, Sheyorah Naify
Art: Where Water Lilies Bloom, Artist Unknown. Please inform for credit link!

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