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The Garden

What Heaven waits patiently inside the seed on its journey towards the heart growing wings in my chest, protected by the sacred flame of my love for you.

And when the seed passes through those gates, my spirit answers, a cosmic wisp to usher it to the egg of my core.

And when the seed touches that golden shell, it takes you in like skin drinks moisture, the waters of life, Divine recognition of Self and Place.

Nature reverberates when the wellspring of our ecstasy showers over everything alive. 

A hummingbird returns to the nectar of the Trumpet.  A bee transports the pollen to the Honeysuckle stigma.

The color red is revealed in Hibiscus and Rose, a reminder of Bleeding Hearts always singing in case The Lover hears.  

Encoded in the seed of your love is the silken sheen of your petals, informing mine for shining brighter in the sun.  

The strength of your stem helps me rise to the light.  Your roots command me to dig for nourishment in the dark.  Your stamen for my pistil, we become a perfect flower.

You make me a better rose, petals form an infinite spiral in my center where you live.  

I am an eternal lotus with you.  You increase while I am fruiting, and we unfold upon the glassy surface of marsh, all pastel and bloom, turning shadowy depths into supple coral and soft cyan, honey and thistle, ruby and fern.

This is our purpose, to release our fragrance upon the breeze, a hymn echoing the song of stars, to bid life to emerge from the dance of your heart and mine, bodies entwined, souls merging as one again, and again, 

making new colors for all the flowers in a world born to be a garden, evolving Eden for love to flourish.

Copyright © 2021, Sheyorah Naify
Art: Dicentra Japonica – Garden Bleeding Heart by Kathryn Chorney.

3 responses to “The Garden”

  1. Beautiful prose!
    You have a deep allegorical understanding. So much finesse in your writing… Loved it!!


    1. Thank you so much for this high praise!


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