Lavender clouds of plasma laced with stars in lilac and blue as I swim inside of you.  Your every breath a gift of infusion; 

your love, your core, radiant as a river of sunlight pouring over purple mountains in the early morning, giving life to all that sleeps.

How long did I sleep, Lover?   Dreaming of the sun to answer the mystery of my moon 

and settling for the promise of stars in a naked sky, mirroring the void of my solitary heart?

Where did you go all that time?  Did you journey to the lake of reflection in hopes of seeing something to make sense of the ache?

Did you descend to the land of shadows and darken your heart only to find it begging for light to live fully again?  

Did your soul beckon all of you home to love, and did you discover the hunger waiting in the depths of the excavation?

Did you find permission at last, the secret key to unlock the brilliance of your being?

Did you see the flicker of dying light in the distance, a trembling shadow in the darkness before you left?  

A tiny bruised lover, all blackening blue in a midnight pallet, having surrendered her final lumen so you might see, 

convinced she'd been forgotten by the sun, coming to terms with the sylphan souls of night for company?

Did you scatter the ghosts as you approached and dim your light just enough so it wouldn’t hurt the little lover’s eyes

as you coaxed her towards you, and waited for her sight to adjust?

And now you glow as an ocean of fire with a celestial sheen of pale blue all over you, tempering the flame for Alchemy’s kiss…

Tears baptize my eyes as I realize I am made for your light all along.

Copyright © 2021, Sheyorah Naify
Art: Light in the Dark by Sabine Kay.

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