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The Shape of My Love

This is the shape of my love, to fall at your feet, Darling.  To open like a rose in the spring sunlight, or an ever unfolding lotus in the marsh for you.

For I am a beggar, starved and parched in the barren lands of indifference. Too long have I wandered in the desolation who's only inhabitants are apparitions of love and the ghosts of desire, empty shells where passion used to live, or maybe it never did at all.

Starvation makes for potent illusions, and thirst brings mirages where life only burns away and dries you out, steals all the water from your cells and the rivers from your soul. Long have I gone astray from the oasis of being claimed. I have gone mad without a flag, for I am soft earth in need of a conquerer.

I've been ravaged and pillaged so many times I've grown a taste for it. The grooves in my mind have been carved deeply and forevermore, and I am but a passenger upon those tracks. My heart has broken with the rips in my soul and stretched painfully wide to receive what I did not ask for. So now, I can take the size of you and all of your love. For I am made a sacred vessel and my body follows the command of this imprint, the code in my DNA.

Yes, this is the shape of my love, to fall on my knees and plead for you to fill me with the force of your passion and the power of your desire and your pleasure. I beg to be overcome by your might. And in that strength born from all you want in your depths, and in the power of the taking from your core, therein lies my freedom to surrender. For to be what I truly am, I must submit.

And when we are true to who we really are, and have the courage to honor our own nature, the gift is sublime. The Divine rejoices in creation, and ecstasy awaits! This is the miracle of life, when love can merge together over and over and over again, in harmony with the animal and spirit within us. For without darkness, light is only blindness. And without light, shadows never dance, and there is no night to rest in at last.

So this is the shape of my love, to be the darkness for your light to shine and reveal its glorious colors. To be the light when your shadows have need to dance with abandon in the sanctum of night, where you may finally rest in the truth of who and what you are.

Copyright © 2021, Sheyorah Naify

The Chalice, Oil on Canvas by Glen Rogers.

2 responses to “The Shape of My Love”

  1. Your work as a wordsmith is undeniably fantastic. Thank you for sharing your passion so vulnerably


    1. Wow, thank you so much for these kimd words and for holding me in such high regard. It means so much to me.


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