Hunger Pain

Oh, the hunger 
That never leaves
But only sleeps
In the depths of me,
Comfortable in complacency.

The trappings of safety
Are the walls of peace, 
Chosen unknowingly in exchange
For Passion asleep.

Is it really peace at all
When the heart is heaving,
Crying, and eventually silent,
Dying of thirst?

Some say love of self
Is enough.  
And some say it is enough
To love God.

But I think maybe words
Like these come from those
Who know not what a Lover is, 
For Lovers are restless
In their quest.

A Lover will search
The world over
For another who can answer
The call to love with them,
And only rest when
Passion’s vacancy
Starves them too long.

A Lover must dance
The song of the soul
Heard in the heart
When the fire is stoked.

What blazing bliss
When the dance is answered
By one who knows the melody!

Every curve of every note,
Every heated pulse
Of each beckoning beat
Of every living rhythm
Is ignition.

Every breath of discovery
Is a treasure 
In that sacred song
Of a Lover’s flame.

Love-fire is the life-force
Animating Creation,
Each of us are droplets
Of that holy Light
Born into existence so Love 
Might experience Itself.

A Lover is an Artist,
Creating in homage 
To the Giver of that Spark!

A Lover is blessed by the kiss
Of Spirit that revives
The sleeping Desire
Buried in the forgetting
Of hopelessness, 
When we remember
What we came here for:
That beautiful Pain
Of a beating heart

Copyright © 2021, Sheyorah Naify

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