The Sacrifice

These times of growing pains and spastic muscles under reigns. Limbs that struggle to be free. The chafing on skin releasing little red gems for the rockhounds. The constant sniffing of hunting beasts, expert at sussing out weakness. The teeth that pierce soft exposed parts and drag the prize into the cave of reaping. The … More The Sacrifice

Cosmic Sailor

You are an entire universe And so is your vision. You live in the expanse Of the cosmos and more, The place from which All was born. The demands others make Are like imposed funnels For tunnels you cannot Begin to fit through. Sometimes you try And it hurts Like the foot binding Of a … More Cosmic Sailor

Catalytic Convert

I. We are limited in our vision  of what is  because of the hope  of what could be.   We are fantastic dreamers,  painting others in that likeness  with expert skill,  only to find ourselves  with messy hands  and soiled clothes  when the violence of life  wears away at the paint. You were a gargoyle … More Catalytic Convert

Hunger Pain

Oh, the hunger That never leavesBut only sleeps In the depths of me,Comfortable in complacency. The trappings of safety Are the walls of peace, Chosen unknowingly in exchangeFor Passion asleep.Is it really peace at all When the heart is heaving,Crying, and eventually silent,Dying of thirst?Some say love of self Is enough.  And some say it is … More Hunger Pain