Scorpio Moon

Skulls in the garden instead of faces.
Mermaids scream quietly
instead of sing,
dying in the desert sun.

Faeries flicker in and out, unsure
of baring the weight of this world,
and afraid of being chained
to the ground like
the rest of us.

Violet skies threaten grey invasion
robbing colors from our eyes
so maybe we will close them
and listen.

Rose and gold who kiss the clouds
relinquish their authority
without a farewell.

Lightening used to dance
in the Summer sky
as thunder boomed a presence
to put our skins on alert;
Now turns cold as lights
fade into snow.

Summer dissolves in throes.

I am stunned in the half-light.
Every monster whose fingerprints
are still imprinted on my
strangled heart
ache in purple
and blue.

I am still, in pools of silence
filled with the moon
illuminating all the shadows
on my soul.

What light will rise
to the apex of another noon
when shadows disappear?

Copyright © 2019, Sheiora Danu


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