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The Seeker

Don’t mind me, I’m just
surrendering being broken

calling back all the fragments of me
throughout space and time,
all the pieces that got lost somewhere,
stuck in shock, orphans in stasis,
hungry for a mother in perpetual wonder
of where they belong.

I felt their search for millenia
and even made it part of me,
an identity:
Lost and Broken

searching for myself in distant places,
all over the world, crossing over
many dimensions

learning how to excavate bones
with great care and precision,
and how to scavange depths of seas
with regulated breath

climbing mountains
everyone said not to climb,
overriding warnings from those
wiser about the cost of the quest
(costs not even they could
have imagined)
falling in great chasms
alone in dark caverns
of nothingness and no man

(and oh the miracle
of finding a way to sunlight,
oh the gift of the inner-lantern
to light the path).

I rode clouds to the edge
of the atmosphere and learned
how to leap towards the stars,
only to find the beautiful
and frightening void.

I searched so long I became
a seeker, discovering
so many incredible wonders
and even some secrets
for only my eyes, my heart,
grateful for the journey
though never finding
what I was looking for
to begin with.

But the quest is complete now.
I’m calling all of me home;

Home to the temple
of wholeness I become,
that holy organic organism
expanding and contracting
in its constant growing
like breath, like forest, like
continents dividing,
like the earth pushing
itself together to form
those mountains
I managed to climb;

Home to the motherland of me
to be my children, no longer orphaned,
to be nourished by the secrets
of my heart, and by all
my gathered treasures
from everywhere I’ve been,
and fed by the love
formed by the quest;

Home to the magnitude of the all
because it is time to stop playing small.

I stop searching and find myself.

Stop the search and there you are.

Copyright © 2019, Sheiora Danu

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  1. deep lovely sensitivity


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