The Sleepy Sun and Her Starry Friend

The sun peeks
through hazy sky
and she looks beautiful
in grey and gold.

She is like that sun
through the blanket
of clouds that threaten
a distant storm
but haven’t gathered
enough water yet,
not today.

She is not striving
to rule the sky,
and she can’t see it yet,
but she really does shine.

Light does not
perceive itself
until it breaks off
from the whole,

Becoming self
we forget we are
light in the beginning
and light in the end.

It gets dark when
we fall asleep.
Eyes closed,
we rest.

Waking up
hurts sometimes,
until our eyes adjust
and we remember
the light as if
there was never
anything else.

we need a mirror
to show us
what we are.

Copyright © 2019, Sheyorah Aossi


In search of artist name and website.

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