The Upside Down

Welcome to The Flipside,
to The Upside Down.
Here, everything is
as it should be.
Here, we live inside
dark clouds.

There is no sun in here,
no days full of light.
Here the shadows are
more than echoes
of a past we try
to fight.

Here there is no floor
firm under your feet.
Here, we are turned
and turned again
until the tumbling
is complete.

For in The Upside Down
hard edges do not serve
the delicate things
we fall upon
when we twist and when
we swerve.

The Upside Down is quiet,
not loud like The Straight.
Here the sound is
in your soul
as you float inside
your fate.

Here is The Flipside,
not The In-between.
Here there is no
magic cast
and nothing is ever
what it seems.

Here you face your demons
in their home terrain.
You lay your sword
and battle down
and surrender
to the pain.

So welcome to The Flipside,
to The Upside Down.
Here you abandoned
your gravity,
embraced the void
and fled the ground.

There is a secret here
not many people know.
There is an Upside
after all
if you find you can
let go.

Copyright © 2019, Sheyorah Aossi

Art: a vision 2 photography by saatchi art

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