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Blooming Moon

In a pastel early morning sky
today the moon was still
silver and lingering.

She was just letting us know
she was not quite finished
calling up the waters
in our blood and tissues,
begging the moisture
in our skin to percolate
and dance on our surfaces
with the luminous air
infused by her pregnancy-
making everything more alive
in the ways of night.

That, or she was just saying,
tired of her bloom,
when so few notice
the moon anymore.


Poem and Photo:
Copyright © 2018, Sheyorah Aossi

About Me

I wrote my first story when I was a wee girl of three, followed by my first poem when I was eight. I’ve been writing ever since as a way to cope with life. This practice evolved with learning in both structured settings and through the practice, itself. In my own healing crisis, I found a process I affectionately refer to as Poetic Alchemy. Now on the journey of getting my life back, I do this not only for myself but for you.

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