Starseed Love Story

There is a hum of electricity whenever we are close. It is warm, and familiar and makes such a pretty sound.

No matter how either one of us is feeling, the voltage sings softly to our atoms and to our spirits when we touch, reminding us of home.

Your stress has its own current. My sickness eats the power. But our dreams and visions amplify the thing in each other we recognize.

Some call it holy, a connection such as this. The way we look at each other, even in public places full of strangers.

“I hope I am lucky enough to have what you two have someday,” said the young man behind the counter while handing you your change.

But we know what they don’t.

We each heard the call, out there on our own, jumping around from galaxy to galaxy and growing tired of floating in space.

We made friends with Gaia who granted us safe passage when her vibrant crown of leaves and plants were turning black.

I didn’t know you were here.

You didn’t know there was another left over from your world, displaced like you, and in need of a tether, too, to keep from vanishing forever into some far away abyss.

We went a long time alone, each of us searching for a token of origin. We found dust composed of our precious metals and sacred gems no one here had seen before, mixed with the soil and washed into oceans and rivers,

confirming the place where we come from is gone.

But I found you, the last sign of life from home. And you held on to me, and you won’t let go because you know I’m all you have left from your world that you can still touch.

And so, we do the only thing either of us can. We make a home here, together in our shared vision. We find trails and swim in seas where we can gather that special sediment and sparkling dust to create new instruments with.

And we are discovering right at this very moment how to make Lady Gaia a new crown.

Copyright © 2018, Sheyorah Aossi

Art: Image reblogged from,  which I just found in a search for a piece of art that would match this story, (I’m looking forward to reading more there). I’m still in search of the name of the artist who created this beautiful work. Leads appreciated!

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