Blooming Moon

In a pastel early morning sky today the moon was still silver and lingering. She was just letting us know she was not quite finished calling up the waters in our blood and tissues, begging the moisture in our skin to percolate and dance on our surfaces with the luminous air infused by her pregnancy- … More Blooming Moon

Dying to See

Vultures pick the wounds clean. Clarity comes through whispering trees. I am still, and listening. Copyright © 2018, Sheyorah Aossi Art: Stillness by Joyce Huntington.


I. Being shocked to the core of me, my veins feel hollow – space conducting electricty, fleshless, ungrounded. The sounds whirl and collapse in my head, like a circle of dominos folding under water. My hands suffer, unstable. Words fail, distant. I am taken away from myself, whittled down by ruthless invadors. They won’t stop … More Alien

Wandering Rinpoche

This image is a still from Becoming Who I Was, the film this poem is based on. It is a documentary about a child who was a Rinpoche in his previous lifetime, and is displaced from his home in Tibet due to reincarnating in a rural region of China. He must travel, with the help of his elderly guardian, from a village in wintering China, through India, to Tibet, in the hopes of being reunited with his disciples who must claim him in order for him to fulfill his purpose for reincarnating. But Tibetan borders, as we know, are blocked and heavily guarded.  I highly recommend the film, for the moving story, and for the stunning photography.

And now the poem. … More Wandering Rinpoche