Happy Birthday

I wrote this in a birthday card for someone very special this weekend, and thought I’d share it, since I’ve noticed that Someone picking up the card and re-reading it in the following days. Apparently it is a poem, according to said person, and upon re-reading, I supposed they are right. So I asked Special Person if they would mind, and they were happy to allow me to share my little doodle with you. Special person knows I’m a poet, after all. And I thought I’d be kind to you and post a short one for once!


Something happened when you were born.
The stars began to organize, and the planets
began to communicate a message
to the fabric creation.
They said, “Hey, you’re going to need
a few things if you expect to be ready,
once he is ready for her to come in.”

And that’s when it all started,
the orchestration that sang us
into form for each other.
But you started it (this time)!
And for all the violence
that is part of creation,
and all the growing pains
in stretching,
(even though I didn’t quite
get tall enough),
and even though I didn’t know
for the longest time why
there was all the commotion,
and what was such a big deal;

I’m really glad it was you.

And for the record, they did
a fantastic job on you, too.

Copyright © 2018, Sheyorah Aossi
All rights reserved.

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