Reign – A Rhyming Poem

Poet’s Notes: I rarely write rhyming poems, unless I’m writing song lyrics, and even then they are more loose and lyrical.  This is not technically perfect rhyming or meter, I just wanted to try and express an idea this way.  It’s a good exercise, and sometimes the limitations of rhyme lead to more concise metaphor, or at least, to keeping one on a more defined track.  Also, there is irony in this topic being expressed within the confines of an imposed ‘meter’, which is apropos, and somewhat amusing to my geeky brain. … More Reign – A Rhyming Poem


Just like that, the change. Crimson to cobalt. When he snaps under pressure from duties pulling the band of his life, it stings. Leaves a dark mark. When he disconnects from fleshy ones around him because it is time to plug into the device, he’s a slave, milked, for a patch of pasture. And he … More Weekdays

Happy Birthday

I wrote this in a birthday card for someone very special this weekend, and thought I’d share it, since I’ve noticed that Someone picking up the card and re-reading it in the following days. Apparently it is a poem, according to said person, and upon re-reading, I supposed they are right. So I asked Special … More Happy Birthday

My Elemental

Your eyes are the sky with clouds toying with rain and dancing with the sun. Your blues are great lakes reflecting light and hiding the depths. The ocean plays this game before dusk, in the afternoon: she fools you into the comfort of a washed tone with sheets of silver, masking the blue that could swallow … More My Elemental

Eye Contact

I have olive eyes, a green I never loved. I wanted viridian, or better yet: sage. I wanted light eyes, bright eyes, eyes that pierce and coax against their will. Eyes that people remember because they electrify; Such powerful beauty they are hard to look at (for long, at least). But my green isn’t bright. … More Eye Contact

The Moth

He is silent in his thoughts even when I ask a question; Tall in red and denim, pensive and peering through glass and structure. I get lost outside of that box of vision; When the colors reveal themselves to him and mix with his chaos; When the lights of his life keep flashing their lumens … More The Moth

The Tower (a page poem)

As the Camp Fire continues to burn in Northern California, the San Francisco greater Bay Area is dramatically effected by Unhealthy Air Quality levels, which is effecting some of our health, especially those in sensitive groups, like myself. Many local poets are writing about this to deal with their experiences, and I am no exception. … More The Tower (a page poem)