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To Trust Decomposition


There is an abyss I know.
Sometimes darkness is unnerving because of the magnitude of what pulls.

Learning to swim in an undertow is a sure way to drink, but salt makes for a dry body.
That special ratio that does not stay, does not hydrate. The thrist when drowing in an ocean.

The dark time is here. We know from the cold, who hints at her lack of mercy.
Light will disperse, like light does. The cold will soon be all I am, all the way through.

The biting air will force me to survey what is left of my life, my breath.
Everything will take on the composting tone, the night-kissed hues, and the clouds.

Now is when we churn, and turn we do. We become soil. Eclipses of the sun.

Life feeds on life, and death, and life again, later.
Who can bare it who is not in love with dying?
Perhaps more are in love with being reborn.

But how many are in love with slowing down,
to the ever-intrinsic point where being stops: the stillness after the exhale,
the vacancy – before the in-breath revives…

There is always a pause. The threat of emptiness.

Here is where I am chewed to a pulpous rendition, an exiguous form.
Here is where I let the blanket of the deep enclose me, cool my skin, keep the fire small.

Here is where colors defer to the lips of the arctic: the signs of impending blankness, the temptation of her faint blue – shade of the chill.

There is a kiss of life, and a kiss of death. I not fight whose time has come.
I be blessed in my demise. I see me, and I let me go.

Here is my cocoon. I become chrysalis.

Copyright © Season Naify

Photo from Flikr, Christian A. Stray

4 responses to “To Trust Decomposition”

  1. Actually, I know just how you feel. I’ve had the privilege of having others encourage me along the way, seemingly out of the blue, when I might have given up. I’d be glad to have been even a small contributor to your persistence (where’s that new blog?!?) A notable first meeting, writers examining doors! I’m certain the exchange was more beneficial than doors alone – though they were great fun, (thanks for the company in that). 🙂


  2. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Cheers! ^_^

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    1. I take it you mean our conversation (or my lecture!) earlier, and if so, I am very grateful and uplifted that it had meaning for you. 🙂

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      1. Yes, thanks for that! ^_^

        Hey, I needed that, really. I don’t think you probably realize how badly I needed to have that sort of conversation. Sorry I couldn’t help you decide on doors, but maybe another day. 🙂

        Cheers! ^_^

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